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Unbeatable Location

Our exquisitely central location places you within a mile of Pittsburgh’s many hospitals, universities, and cultural attractions.

Real Pittsburgh Hospitality

We’re a genuine independent hotel, run by the friendliest Pittsburghers on the planet.

Hotel Service, Full Apartments

Our boutique suites were originally full apartments, now energized with fantastic hotel service.

Tremendous Savings

Our suites are twice the size, our WiFi and parking are free, and our prices still compete with national chains.

Gorgeous Suites

Fantastic Amenities

Near Pittsburgh’s Top Universities and Hospitals

Happy Guests

Even on the phone this group of people makes you want to stay in Pittsburgh as long as you can. Everything was plush but the nicest part of all was the pleasant and accommodating, interested and interested staff. From the guys who drive you anywhere you need to go as part of the bargain to the young ladies at the reception, everyone makes you glad to be alive.

Unbelievably terrific

We discovered Shadyside while visiting schools in Pittsburgh this past year. Having chosen Carnegie Mellon, we will definitely be repeat customers. The staff are all friendly and accommodating making our stay even more enjoyable...

Great for School Visits with Family

Once again, a spectacular stay. Suites are clean, beautifully decorated and I just love the little gift bag with muffins, juice and treats.

One day surgery, two night stay

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by 2013-01-19 5:34:14

Shadyside Inn Rescues 2,000th Animal

Shadyside Inn Suites rescues animals

We saved our 2,000th animal today! On May 5th of this year we excitedly told you we had finally, after 3 years, rescued our 1,000th animal. 6 months later and we are here to tell you we've saved another 1,000. The two landpilots who made our first road rescue in the new Landplane piloted this trip. Lynda Manko and Laura Fruehan completed a 36 hour mission...

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by 2013-01-19 5:34:14

Salud Juicery, Just Blocks from Your Suite

Salud Juicery in Shadyside

Voted the best smoothie in Pittsburgh in 2015, Salud Juicery's Green Anna Bread is a delicious treat with spinach, almond milk, and a tiny bit of dark chocolate sprinkled on top. Just one of many incredible tasting smoothies and health bowls available at Salud Juicery on nearby Copeland Street. We must warn you that after you try it once, you may be making the short five minute walk there from your suite for the rest of your stay!

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