Thank you to our friends

A little over 30 years ago a simple idea was born. Why don’t we furnish a few apartments and rent them out for a few months at a time instead of a traditional 12 month lease. Eventually people started to ask why couldn’t they just rent them for a week or two. Sure, we said…why not. Pretty soon people were asking about staying just one day…

Shadyside Inn was born.

Over the next 30 years we hosted heads of state, Oscar winning movie stars, sports legends, Moms and Dads, and even someone who walked on the moon…twice. We bonded with the guests who walked through our doors. We listened and shared stories. We welcomed them back year after year. We thanked them for bearing with us when we made a mistake and celebrated each time they gave us positive feedback. We spent a lot of time behind the scenes trying to make sure that every guest who walked through the door was treated like they were a member of our family. We cried when we heard bad news about them and celebrated when their children graduated, when patients finally left after long hospital stays, and when a guest just smiled and thanked us.

Each of you who made Shadyside Inn a temporary home wrote a chapter in our story. Thank you to every single guest along this journey. We cherished the opportunity to be ambassadors of Pittsburgh for tens of thousands of you whom our Front Desk was the first friends you made in your new city. The stories and memories of you will be told at our dinner tables for years to come.

Our staff was some of the finest people we have ever had the pleasure to work with. You made this place what it was. Fancy furniture, high speed internet, these things were just decorations. You were the true reason why people came back. You poured your heart and soul into helping others. You sacrificed time with your families over holidays to make sure our guests were happy. You made us proud and carried the values of who we wanted to be and made it so. To all of you past and present, thank you.

This isn’t a goodbye, it’s really a new hello. While COVID-19 closed one door the pandemic opened a new one. We are excited to announce a pivot in our business back to offering long term unfurnished rental apartments. We will now be called Shadyside At Home Apartments where we plan to bring 30 plus years of hospitality experience to the rental market.

While this move is bittersweet it represents the response that has always defined Americans. We adapt and we move on with an appreciation of the past but with our hearts looking toward the future. COVID-19, shutdowns, instability won’t stop us, it won’t define us, it will just make us rethink, reimagine, and innovate.

On behalf of our family we thank you and can’t wait to see you at


Jonathan, R. Jeffrey, Michael, Nicole, and Carol.