Pittsburgh's Original Boutique Aparthotel

What is an Aparthotel? Imagine renting a fully furnished apartment with all the benefits and amenities of a boutique hotel. 30 years ago we were at the forefront of this concept when we opened our first Aparthotel in Pittsburgh. Since then we have expanded to six locations around the 120+ shops and restaurants on Walnut Street.

With an Aparthotel your stay in Pittsburgh is more like living in trendy apartment which happens to be in a high-end residential neighborhood. Each apartment suite feels like a being in a home where you would find huge closets, full-sized kitchens, and tons of space.

Whether you are bringing your whole family, your pets, or some friends, staying in an Aparthotel in Pittsburgh gives you the all the benefits of a hotel but with the comfort, space, privacy, and residential feel of being at home.

Huge Space

Our smallest suite is larger than most hotel rooms. Some suites reach 700 square feet!

Residential Location

Why settle for a crowded commercial zone when you can stay in the upscale area next door? Enjoy peace and comfort while staying in the middle of the action.

Amazing Service

With independent, empowered staff, we'll do whatever it takes to make your stay great!