COVID-19 Update

The recent coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak continues to have an impact on several communities. We are closely monitoring the updates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and following guidelines from state and local health departments. Our top priority continues to be the safety and well-being of our guests and Shadyside Inn team members.

Commitment to Safe Practices and Cleanliness:
We are committed to our high standards of cleanliness and hygiene and are taking additional steps to ensure the safety of our guests and team members. Our safety precautions include handwashing, good hygiene practices, cleaning product specifications, cleaning procedures of guests suites and public areas.

Good Health and Knowledge: A good healthy environment and knowledge are essential to an effective program for safety precautions. Here are some of the steps that we have taken:
Hand Washing: Proper and frequent handwashing is critical to help combat the spread of viruses. Our team members are always reminded that this simple act of cleanliness and personal hygiene is important for their health and that of our guests.
Ongoing Training: In addition to our housekeeping staff, all team members are being trained in basic cleaning techniques and hygiene protocols.

Real Time Information: Our team members are provided with real time information with regards to the virus and several precautions required to prevent the spread of the virus.
Cleaning Products and Protocols: We use cleaning products and protocols which are effective against viruses and ensures a safe and clean environment.

Guest Suites: We use comprehensive cleaning and disinfecting protocols to clean guest suites with particular attention paid to high-touch items, including suite access keycards.

Public Areas: We have increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting our public areas including the front desk, elevators and elevator buttons, business center, fitness center, conference room, meeting room, hallways, entrances, stairways, door handles, and public restrooms.

Back of House: We are increasing the frequency of cleaning and focusing on high-touch areas like employee-only entrances, break-rooms, laundry rooms, storage rooms, maintenance rooms, pillow rooms and administrative offices.

We will continue to lean on all recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), the Pennsylvania Department of Health, the Allegheny County Health Department and the City of Pittsburgh. For the most updated information on COVID-19, please refer to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website.