dinette dining in pittsburgh close to shadyside inn pittsburgh apartment    
Dinette, amazing european style Pizza, 0.5 miles from your Suite. View Map

Yeah, pizza is pizza…until you try Dinette. The place feels like an Ikea meets industrial design. It’s airy, modern, and has an exposed kitchen. It’s hip, its very Californian, and it happens to be the best Pizza in the East End. Located in the East Side development, Dinette is more than just great pizza, its healthy food that is always fresh and a menu that changes with the season. Each pizza is made to perfection in their wood fire stove. Its not your standard greasy dish, its tasty, fresh and has a very European flavor. Dinette also features other healthy choices on their menu and has a nice selection of wine and spirits. Be sure to go early since the place is usually packed after 7pm. Although they do not deliver, you can order take out if you show up in person and place the order. If you want the best Pizza you are lucky that your suite is blocks away from Pittsburgh’s best gourmet pizza place. Visit their website for more information.

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