Free Electric Car Charging for Shadyside Inn Guests

Shadyside Inn provides three electric car charging stations where residents can power up their vehicles. This amenity is offered free to our residents. Put an end to "range anxiety" by knowing that your apartment in Pittsburgh includes a fully charged vehicle. This free service is open to any resident with an electric vehicle.

Depending on the model car you have our charging stations can charge your vehicle in a few hours. With service output up to 50 amps your vehicle can safely and quickly charge overnight or you can "top off" during the day while you enjoy lunch on Walnut Street.  With the proper adapter our chargers can support the CHAdeMO, SAE J1772, and Tesla's Nema 14-50 standards. 


Two of our locations have the Tesla High Power Wall Charger. Each station features a 50 amp connection for speedy charging.

Universal Charger

Our main location features a Bosch universal charger with the J1772 connector. This 30 amp charging station can be used by all of the electric vehicles in the United States with the proper adapter.


Charging stations are installed at our three main locations. Guests staying in our Signature Suites have access to these stations. Our staff can help arrange for charging if you are a Signature Suites guest at a location without a charger.

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